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College of Engineering & Technology

Nandiyil Muhammad Musliyar Memorial Darussalam Academy is an ideal Islamic campus started in 2011 Under ‘Jamia Darussalam-Al –IslamiyyaNandi. It is founded up on the educational-philosophy of Islam, which in turn is inspired by the principles of hierarchy and unity of knowledge in its intends, contents and methods .The uniformity of knowledge tradition. Our prime acknowledgment is that the Knowledge shall be acquired (Ta`lim) internalized (Trbiya) and propagated (Da`wa) for the sake of Allah, the almighty and for the benefit of humanity.

We aspire the students to throw lights of morality in every steps of life span and to guide the Muslim community, in Particular and humanity, at large in every in particular and humanity, at large in every realm-political-cultural-and economical….. etc. This is because we believe the reality that ‘Ulama’ (scholars) are entrusted to act as the virtual hierarchy of the holy prophet (PBUH).

Qualification for admission

Must be qualified 5 thstd in madarassa under (SKIMVB)
Must be passed 5 thstd of school

Course duration year : 12 year

The student can accumulate the great Islamic degree MFD (MoulaviFadilDarimi) and post-graduation (PG) in Arts subject within the 12 year ( SSLC , +2, BA ,PG)

Our Features

Religious Education under great Islamic scholers
Special coaching in Arabic , English , Urdu and spoken facilities also available
Computer education (Highly Occupied Computer Lab)
Special Facilities for Writing and Speaking (Oration) in various languages
Multifarious library and Kuthubakhana
Strict Discipline