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Fundamentals of islam

This cours is designed to provide basic and fundamental rescuing of islam to the genaral public Muslims.Salah,fast,pilgrimage to mecca (hajj) and Zakath are taught in this course,within the duration of 101 days.

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Phonology of quran

This course helps the learners to be capable of reciting quran in accordance with the rules (تجويد) prescribed for reciting it. The quran must be recited in such a way that it was revealed to prophet (s a) by way of jibreel. The quranic verses throws light in to it. Allah says :ورتل القرءن ترتيلا.by learning this course the learner becomes able to recite quran according to the quran recitation rules

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Comparative study for muthavval graduates

This course provides comparative study of religions. This is aimed at muthavval graduates. By completing this course the students would be able to interact and debate with the scholars of other religions. This course would be an added advantage for learners for propagating islam among nonmuslims...

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Islam for nonmuslims

This course is designed mainly with a view to clarify the misunderstandings of nonmuslims about islam. This course suerly will help the nonmuslims to find out the answers for the allegations against islam, prophet, status of women in islam,terrorism etc. The learner can complete this course at free of cost

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know your Islam

This course is shaped to educate reverted muslims. It provides necessary islamic knowledge to reverted muslims and make them capable of learning a real and pure islamic life

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Jurisprudence of women

The objective behind this course is to provide essential knowledge to muslim women related to issues of women

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