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President’s Message

Darussalam Arabic College a pioneer institution in the field of Islamic learning is one of the popular learning centre in south India. It has provided a number of Scholars in Islamic discipline to the community. They serve for the well being of the Islam and Muslim Community throughout the world. Its an institution focused mainly on the development of the economically, socially, religiously deprived Muslims community. The mainstreaming of the hapless, helpless, destitute and orphans is the premier objective of Darussalam.

The functioning of the this institution is being carried out by the assistance of philanthropists from the community in Kerala and abroad. To meet the expenditure it has to find a huge amount of money in every month. Estimated expenditure of a month around Rs. 700000/-

The committee has great hope in the Qur’anic wisdom which reminds us “If you help the cause of Allah, He will help you and plant your feet firmly “ In these perspective and in the light of ground realities we request you to set aside a portion which Allah has given you.

We pray the Almighty Allah to accept your contribution and adequately reward you for your selfless Charity.

Your are included in our prayers and my Allah join us together in paradise Syed Hyder Ali Shihab Thangal
(President, Darussalam Arabic College Committee)