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Darussalam Sharia College

Darussalam Sharia College is a major leading centre under the Darussalam committee. Aiming at molding scholar in Islamic sharia. Thafseer, Qur’an, Hadees and Fiqh a taught here to prepare the leaner’s for Islamic propagation. On the premium aim of the institution admission in strictly for those who believe in principle of Ahlussunna wal jamath. Admission for Mukhthasar, Muthawal and Hythamy course.

MUKTHASAR (Duration 1 year )

Those completed the course in jam ul awal, Mukthasar, Sharahu thahdeheeb, sharhul mahallee can join mukthasar course,

Muthawal (Duration 2 year )

Those leanres who completed bylawi, bukhari, kurthubi, sharahul akheeda, mahalli 3, jamhu-3 can join muthawal course

Moulavi Falil Hythami (Hythami)(Duration 2 year )

Those who completed any muthawal course are qualified for hythamy course Students complete all above Mukthasar course be conferred MHD(Moulavi Hadi Darimi) and those complete Muthawal be conferred in MFD(Moulavi Falil Darimi) those completed hythami conferred as MFH(Moulavi Falil Hythami)


Admission will be done in Ramazan last Admission based on Entrance exam and interview

Class time

The college classes function on all days of the week except Thursday afternoon and Friday from 6.30 am to 4.00 pm.


A monthly spent of 1500/-, 300/-, 200/-will be produced for those students for Hythami, Muthawal, Mukthasar respectively.