Nandi, Po.Katalur,Calicut
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Dharussalam College of Tharqiyathul Huffaz-Nandi

‘’Darussalam college of TharqiyathulHuffaz’’ is a most prominent and eminent Sub-organ of Jamia Darussalam Al-Islamiyya-Nandi. This is the only one and entirely different institution for ‘Huffaz’ in kerala. There is no another institution in kerala that aims to give higher education for Huffaz. So, it has printed a golden chapter in the history of Jamia Darussalam. ‘Huffaz’ are the divine gift to muslim community, Unfortnnately, there is lack of chances for their improvements and development.In this awareness, Darussalam undertook the challenge of present day in the form of ‘TharquiyathalHuffaz’

The prime importance is given to Quran related Sciences and “Quran Doura”. In spiritual sphere, the syllabus of ‘lhdadiyya, SaanaviveAaliyya’ is lecturing here under great Islamic Scholers along with the degree of a famous University

Our Features

Higher education in Islamic studies
‘Ihdadiyya, Saanaviyya, Aaliyya’ syllabus with university degree
Multi- linguistic fecilities (Arabic,Eng, Urdu).
Highly occupied computer lab
Wide reference Library and Kutubkhana.
Strict discipline.

Affliated Institution

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