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Welcome to Darussalam Islamic University

Darussalam Islamic University is a reputed educational centre in south India providing both secular and Islamic education forstudents. The courses offered by Darussalam Islamic University include Quran, theology, Islamic jurisprudence, Fiqh, Hadith, history, culture, and so on. Special efforts have been made by DIU for Da’wa activities. DIU emphasizes preparation of studies and educational consultation required to servedifferent sectors of the community. It insists on collection of specialized human resources and requalification making them able for intellectual communication and spiritual renaissance. The main motive behind it was to procreate eminent Islamic scholars, linguists, and orators who can take up the challenges of thetime, solve the problems of the modern world and lead the community through the right path.

History & Governance

It was on 2nd February 1976 that the Jamia Darussalam Al Islamiyya was established. It was a time that, those who wanted to get a religious degree had to go outside Kerala, because there weren’t adequate upper institutions for higher studies. Most of the students were compelled to stop their higher studies in half way. Hence, the establishment of Darussalam marked itself as a mile stone in the history of Islam in Kerala. It was under the leadership of Nandiyil Muhammed Musliyar, an eminent scholar. And by the remarkable great services of Shamsul Ulama EK Aboobacker Musliyar, who led Kerala Islamic community for more than half a century, it has been broadly accepted by Islamic societies around the globe.
Darussalam Arabic college committee was constituted to run and supervise a number of Islamic and Academic educational institutions. Jamia Darussalam Al-Islamiyya is the headquarters of the committee. It situate at Nandi nearby Koyilandi in Kozhikode district of Kerala state. It has won a key status in global Islamic society and became a top graded non-governmental educational and cultural centre in the world. It also undertakes the co-ordination of Darussalam Islamic colleges, which consists of around 50 institutions affiliated to it, along with its own 10 colleges functioning as per the required standards.

Governing bodies

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Sayed Hyder Ali Shihab Thangal


A.V Abdurahman Musliyar

General Secretary

Moulana Moosakutty Hazrath


Our philosophy

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
اقرأ بسم ربك الذى خلق – خلق الإنسان من علق - إقرأ وربك الأكرم – الذى علم بالقلم

In the name of Allah, most gracious most merciful Proclaim (Read!), In the name of thy Lord and cherisher, who created. Created mankind out of (mere) clot of congealed blood. Proclaim(Read!), and thy lord is most bountiful, he who taught (the use of) the pen.
DIU believes that MuslimUmma: can prove their prideful existence only by intellectual firmness and their unalloyed testimonies. The Muslims out of Kerala are downtrodden to the bottom level in the social and literal status, though they were royals at once in history. Looking across the Arab world too is so pathetic. Simultaneously “Kerala Islam model” is distinguished as lofty because of their services to exoteric and esoteric, revealed and acquired knowledges and education.

  • DIU focuses on traditional quality of Islamic knowledges in order to prepare its graduates for a brighter future.
  • DIU upholds and preacher(لاإلاه إلّا الله محمّد الرّسول الله )Noone does deserve the worship, but Allah almighty and eminent Muhammad(pbuh) is his messenger
  • DIU pursuits Asha’ri school of thought in theology and stream of Shafi’ in observances and ritualistic deeds.
  • It recognizes all followers of Ahlusunna: valjama’ both in Islamic jurisprudence and belief.
  • DIU acknowledges Samastha Kerala Jam-IyathulUlama and takes part in its ventures.
  • DIU stands for social-harmony and communal tolerance.
  • DIU respects and obeys the nation and nationality.


  • Shareea:for the potency of veracity
  • Innovated way for Quran
  • Wisdom for expansion and magnification
  • Traditional path is sacred stream
  • Wisdom with discipline
  • Psycho-Tharbiya:
  • Safekeeping for edification
  • Study with revivification
  • Subvention for orphans, Bolster for destitutes
  • Marking identity, searching purity
  • Technology for cultural conservation

Our mission

‘For Allah has sent down to thee what thou knew not (before) and great is the grace of Allah un to thee” (4:113)... Imam Gazzali (R) says: “Knowledge is the acquisition of that information through which one can successfully attain the goal of life”
Creation of a generation who can take up the community advance plans in religious and academic educational areas is the primary mission of DIU.diu stands to elevate educational energy with perfect environment and programs that simplifies propitiatory learning surroundings, promotes instincts and excellence, and injects Islamic values in all aspects as whole even from its material conditions.
DIU’s mission is to make a sphere giving excellent academic,cultural, artistic and physical education in an Islamic circumstances fulfilled with values of discipline,mutual awareness and esteems to help them to be well educated and developed individuals who will change dynamic world and contribute for the development of their community.


There were somesadaths Islamic scholars and islamic behind the effort of Darussalam. They were deeply concerned with education both religious andsecular. Moreover, they were well qualified figures of spirituality, who could win the admiration of the whole society. Among them, NandiyilMuhammedMusliyar is specially admired for foundation. Mostly, ShaikhunaShamsulUlama is the person who made Darussalam famous and procreative in all its spheres. Both Sayed Umar Bafaqi and SayedMuhammed Ali Shihab were the keen leaders of Darussalam who shaped the atmosphere well and led the institution with rightness. They and such ones came together in order to bring Islamic educational system back to its original and perennial vision.