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Koyilandi, Kerala
A.V Abdurahman Musliyar

Very glad to inform you that Jamia Darussalam Al Islamiyya has reached very special spheres of its glorified history. It has now upgraded as Darussalam Islamic University. Integrating both spiritual andacademic education, Darussalam could conduct a revolutional journey and became itself an ideal one. Darimies and Haithamies are taking the leading role of da’wa activities world widely. They have been around 4000 in number.Not only Darussalam holds educational efforts but it also ensures socio-communal welfare and harmony also. DIU supports an accessible and adaptable learning environment that required to meet the challenges of the era. It has been designed by great visionaries. And also, DIU intents both academic and culturalcollaboration with other Islamic, Arabic and foreign universities.
The committee has come out successfully in establishing and running these well-organized institutions under its management. These include College of Shareea’, College of Da’wa, College of Quran and Islamic fundamentals (TharqiyathulHuffaz), College of Islamic studies and languages (Academy),School of Orphansand destitutes, College of Qur’an memorization (Calicut) and Darussalam Junior College(Koyilandy) and so on. More than 1000 students are studying in these institutions.Entire expenses for these students which includes tuition fee, boarding charges etc. from the primary level to P.G classes are met by the committee. Moreover, the committee takes care of the orphans and destitutes and meets their entire expenditure during their stay and study in these institutions. And it leads the Co-ordination of Darussalam Islamic Colleges which includes fifty educational institutions.
The functioning of these institutions is being carried out by the assistance of philanthropists from the community in Kerala and abroad. To meet the expenditure it has to find a huge amount of money in every month. Estimated expenditure of a month isaround Rs. 5.5million.
Hope your hands of generosity more and more, May Allah almighty accept our deeds and bestow upon us blessings. Ameen.