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Students Association

Each college has its own students association. It actively works to enrich the multi-faceted talents and potentials of students. It has several sub councils. It comprises speakers

Publishing Bureaus

DIU has several publishing bureaus under each faculty which publishes campus magazines, journals and books. It has enlightened works of eminent scholars like Shamsul ulama and Moulana Moosakkutty Hazrath on major topics related with ideology and Islamic philosophy. It makes creative interventions which got a wide socio-cultural reputation.

ALUMNI COUNCIL (Darimies Central Council)

It is the council of those who have completed the course in DIU and won certificates successfully. DIU has immense pleasure on Darimies and Haithamies who are serving in various Islamic-cultural fields all around the world.It is a special forum to look after the Da


DIU has four comprehensive libraries & Kuthubukhanas in its each faculty. These are facilitated with digital and cyber inclusion. Full data and barcodes of each book and Kithab were computerized with printing, Xeroxing and scanning arrangements. Each of them include rich collections of books, references and Kithabs in almost all disciplines of education.

Academic Departments

There are special departments in each faculty under diu to supervise academic studies. Making the students well prepared and stuffed to attend the public exams under universities is the main effort of each department.

Literary Wings

To empower and enflower the linguistic quality of the students, there are literary wings in each faculties. Its main concern is dealt with English, Arabic, Urdu and Malayalam.

National Mission

DIU has set national educational mission and done its primary steps. A lot of interstate students across the country have been studying here. And DIU has affiliated colleges in Andaman, Karnataka and Tamilnadu. To bridge the gap between Kerala Islamic education and outside Kerala the new products of DIU can do their best.