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Koyilandi, Kerala
Sayyid Rasheedali Shihab Thangal
Chancellor Message

Darussalam Islamic University is a pioneer institution in the field of Islamic studies. It is one of the popular integrated educational centres in south India. It has moulded a number of scholars in Islamic disciplines to the community. They serve both Islam and Muslim Community across the globe. It is an institution,which focuses mainly on the development of the economically, socially and religiously deprived Muslims.Mainstreaming of the hapless, destitute and orphans is the premier objective of Darussalam.DIU is totally a valuable agency of knowledge, research and entrepreneurship building the creative and innovative capabilities through concrete and persuasive policies and proven itself as creative one. diu takes effortful tasks to propagate Quranic wisdom and prophetic messages in the society. It makes an amicable reconciliation between Islamic and general knowledge. We hope you to stretch your arms of assistance to strengthen the mission. May Allah almighty accept all with adequate rewards. Ameen.


Wisdom is the life of Islam. As a man is shaped from two elements; physical body and soul, Islam also wants a soul to exist itself. Knowledge is its soul. Islam is a comprehensive religion which deals with every aspects of this universe. Only a man who has the knowledge, can handle the religion and give all goodness to Islam. This is what mentioned by the messenger of Allah almighty, Muhammad (Pbuh)العلم حياة الاسلام.The basic reason behind all socio-cultural miseries faced by today’s Muslim community is the absence of real and divine ‘ilm’ (knowledge).Most of the Muslim leaders speak and spread false propaganda as per their own interest, and it causes to evolve misunderstanding about Islam by the public . Thus, an insightful endeavour has to be done to wash out the traces of all deviations in this sphere. It is the base that DIU stands on. May Allah almighty accept and empower these efforts and make its products endless fruits. Ameen.